She is one of most promising acts. An entertainer par-excellence in Soul, Blues, R&B, Funk & a Fusion of Afro Pop music! In various parts of the world, she has successfully graced live stages over the years. She made her first hit in 2008 and earned an award @the 2009 Women-in-Entertainment Award (WIEA) as the Best African female acts in London. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, then she wows you more than ever. She is a confident live performer, an extremely talented singer and songwriter. She thrills her fans with unbridled energy and creativity on stage, which she has flawlessly demonstrated over the years. Justina Lee Brown is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most promising female vocalists in the music industry. With her dynamic voice and ability to entertain, she constantly delivers absolute pleasure to her audience. She’s is a very confident live performer, an extremely talented singer and songwriter, creative and fun to work with. There’s no doubt that Justina sweeps away her audience on every occasion and event. After touring over 15 countries in 2014, it goes without saying that music is what JLB lives for. The stage is where her confidence lies.

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